Student Feedback of Teaching
Students are required to provide the feedback by choosing the appropriate option carefully for the courses of their program only .
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Q.1) Faculty has thorough knowledge of the subject. *
Q.2) Faculty created interest in learning the subject *
Q.3) Faculty content was well structured and lesson plan shared with student. *
Q.4) Faculty created a comfortable and participate environment. *
Q.5) Faculty provided relevant feedback during different stages of learning. *
Q.6) Faculty was regular and punctual in class. *
Q.7) Faculty was available for counseling and guidance as and when required. *
Q.8) Faculty connected the theoretical concepts to practical applications. *
Q.9) Faculty provided required handouts/teaching material. *
Q.10) Faculty was innovative in teaching methods. *
Students are required to repeat the above exercise for all the subjects of your course.After submitting the teaching feedback on all the subjects provide your generic feedback of the course at given link
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