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Please register here for Being Faust : Enter Mephisto - we do need the following details from each player in order to communicate further instructions for your play session. All details are used for your session ONLY.

Game description:
How would a contemporary FAUST look like these days? BFEM tries to re-live the famous story of German writer J. W. von Goethe in our modern and digitalized world. The key issues of this classic stay the same: What are my personal values? What do I want to achieve in life? Am I ready to sell my soul to gain power and achieve my individual goals?
As a player, in BFEM you will experience different stages and moments of Goethe's classic drama FAUST through a game scenario. Adopting the role of the drama’s protagonist Faust,you will have to deal with his counterpart Mephisto, and the question will be: Will you save your soul?
BFEM is not a computer game. It is a ”BIG GAME”, taking place at a physical venue during a fixed time set, and using both an analogue and digital environment. It has theatric features, combining its physical stage set with I.T., online and social media features. A maximum amount of 50 players can participate, if they bring along their most common and irreplaceable companion: Their smartphone.

Being Faust : Enter Mephisto is designed by the artist Peter Lee (Korea). The game was developed by Seoul-based Nolgong Studio in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. Please note that a Facebook Account and a Smartphone or Tablet are needed to play the game.

Please note that a Facebook Account and a Smartphone or Tablet are required to play the game (iOs or Android, NO Blackberry, NO Windows Smartphones). You can choose from the following game sessions at iThuba Gallery, St Juta 101, Braamfontein.

Please make sure you arrive on time for your session, as it will not be possible to join the game after game start.

Thursday September 11, 5-7pm
Thursday September 11, 8-10pm
Friday September 12, 5-7pm
Friday September 12, 8-10pm
Saturday September 13, 5-7pm
Saturday September 13, 8-10pm

For more information about the game please visit the website of the Goethe-Institut South Africa:

Good play!

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