What support do you need?
Dear College Student,

We are aware that many of you have been asked by your university to vacate campus and shift to online courses as part of measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

We know that this is a very challenging and stressful transition. Therefore, we would like to better understand what your needs are in order to support students in the immediate future and through the coming months.

Please fill out this form to share what your needs are and we will try to respond ASAP.

Anyone who needs help to buy food and essential supplies should fill out this form to request a $50 grant: https://bit.ly/CSN-FinHelp

FYI: The Collective Success Network is a Philadelphia-based non-profit whose mission is to support low-income/first-generation (LIFG) college students. During this challenging period, we are committed to supporting LIFG students displaced by campus closings to get the help and resources needed to navigate COVID-19 emergency measures.

We'll do our best to help you,
Collective Success Network
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If you have to vacate campus, please share your new housing situation.
If you have to leave Philadelphia, are you able to make and pay for travel arrangements to return home?
If no, how much does it cost for you to travel home? Please share means of transportation and destination.
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If you have to leave Philadelphia, do you need storage for your things?
If yes, approximately how many 24'' x 16'' x 18'' boxes do you need to store?
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If you need temporary housing, what is your gender? (this is for matching to hosts who prefer to house student(s) of the same gender)
If you need temporary housing, please share if you have specific needs (such as LGBTQ friendly accommodation):
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Please share any other needs and challenges you are experiencing during this transition.
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May CSN or its campus chapters (Dragon's First at Drexel, Temple First at Temple, and CSAP at UPenn) contact you if we are able to provide support? *
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