Quick Stormwater Scorecard
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What is your role?
How would you describe your level of knowledge around green infrastructure (low impact development) for managing rain where it falls?
Does your community have any public green infrastructure projects (rain gardens, permeable pavement, bioswales, green roofs etc.)
If "no" above then skip. If yes, approximately how many projects
Does your community charge a stormwater fee based on the impervious area on each property?
If your community doesn’t currently have a stormwater fee, is it something that is being considered? ie. is the idea referenced in any stormwater or city official plans, or brought forward to council.
Does your community provide any incentives for private property owners (residential or commercial/institutional) to install green infrastructure for stormwater management?
If yes to above, how good are the incentives?
Does your community do any public engagement around stormwater, managing rain where it falls or green infrastructure? For example, community events/workshops, websites, social media, brochures, demonstration projects.
If yes, how extensive is the engagement? (strong/medium/weak)
How strong is support for green infrastructure (AKA low impact development) in your community’s policies and plans (e.g. Official Plan, Stormwater Master Plan, Climate Action Plan, Sustainability Plan etc)?
Fill out the full version of the Stormwater Scorecard to go in depth on your community’s green infrastructure policies, plans and programs. www.bit.ly/stormwater_scorecard
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