Outreach Incubator
The current landscape - in our homes, city, and world – has surfaced some new needs, ideas, and opportunities all around us. As a church that desires to be Outward- and Outreach-focused, sensitive to the Spirit, and empowering of the whole body of Christ, we want to give an opportunity for people in our congregation to share what they are seeing + sensing: What are the needs, ideas and opportunities that you cannot shake? What are the strategies or creative ideas you have that could help meet those needs?

The hope is that we can hear what common themes there may be, that we can connect like-minded people with one another, and perhaps offer some resources or seed money to help pull it off.

So, share what needs you can’t shake, what opportunities we have as a church, and ideas/solutions you are sensing to help meet those needs or bring those ideas into reality and we will be in touch!
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What are some of the biggest needs + opportunities you see in this season, that you can’t seem to shake?
What ideas do you have to meet those needs?
How might you be part of moving this idea forward? What “capital” do you have [relational connection, finances, time, advocacy, specific skills, training, etc]?
What would you need to pull this idea off, or to take some next steps?
How can you imagine Mars Hill getting involved?
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