Gen Con GM Badge Reimbursement Request Form - 2019
If you ran enough events at Gen Con to qualify for a badge refund but did _not_ receive a GM badge at the convention, please complete this form to request a refund of your attendee badge.

If you _did_ receive a GM badge, you needed to drop your attendee badge off at GM HQ by Thursday at the convention. If you did not do so onsite, it is too late to request a refund after the convention. Please contact your event organizer for more details.

All reimbursements will be processed _after_ ticket reconciliation has been completed and we are able to determine what events received attendance reports.

Only attendee badges (4-day or single-day) are refunded. VIG badges are given some system credit. Badges that provide special access (such as press or exhibitor) are not eligible for GM reimbursement, nor are 4-day badges that are part of a package of some kind (such as through Trade Day registration).

Please refer to the Event Host Policy for full details on eligibility for GM badge reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the badge refund process, email

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List the full game IDs of all the events you ran, separated by spaces and commas. All events must have received an attendance report, whether that is tickets collected from players or confirming with our HQ onsite that no players showed up for the event. As long as you were there ready to run, you still get credit for that session.
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