RSVP For ACOB’s July 5th Service
As the Apostolic Church prepares for our next in-person services, we would like your assistance in preparing the sanctuary for social distancing measures. At this time, we are requesting your RSVP to our service on the morning of Sunday, July 5th. Please return your response no later than Tuesday, June 30th. If your circumstances change prior to service, please resubmit the form with the correct RSVP or contact a member of the Pastoral Staff.

Please note, as COVID-19 is a novel virus, precautions for safe congregating are still developing. By planning to attend our indoor service, you are acknowledging you understand the risk involved in gathering at this time. We strongly encourage our vulnerable saints to remain at home to enjoy our livestream services for the time being. Any congregant that experiences COVID-like symptoms should not attend.
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