2019 MAHPERD Honor Award Nomination Form
This is the official form for recommending a person to be considered for a MAHPERD Honor Award. These awards will be presented at the annual MAHPERD conference.

The nominee for Worthy of Praise, Distinguished Leadership, and Worthy of Highest Praise criteria must:

* have a college degree or state/national certification in area of expertise
* have a minimum of five years of experience in a discipline
* evidence professional commitment and serves as a positive role model through membership, leadership, involvement and service in the state, district and national organizations.
* assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth.
* be a current member of MAHPERD and has maintained membership for five years.

The Lay Person Award goes to an organization or individual who has supported MAHPERD or the mission of MAHPERD. The individual is not required to be a member of MAHPERD or one of the professions of the organization.
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