Product Questionnaire for Air Queen Nanofiber Mask
As a valued board-certified clinician in Canada, we would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time to let us know how satisfied you were with our mask. Your response will help us better meet your expectations, as well as those of your colleagues and the profession as a whole in the future. Although the results from this survey will be analyzed, no individual responses will be reported, thereby maintaining anonymity. We thank you very much for your time, which is contributing to furthering the excellence of health care delivery.

Certifications and Features of the Air Queen Nanofiber Mask:

-FDA 510(K) approved mask.

-Made in Korea and approved for medical use.

-High breathability due to proprietary Nanofiber technology.

-Strong moisture control with 0.1μm filtration efficiency.

-The Air Queen does NOT have NIOSH approval due to its ear loop design, but fulfils protection requirements in other areas.

-Independent research performed by Nelson Labs confirms the Air Queen mask provides particle protection and air flow beyond the level afforded by N95 rated products.

-Wearers of the Air Queen Nanofiber mask were found to have lower heart rates, lower micro-environment and skin surface temperatures than subjects who wore standard N95 masks while performing similar tasks.
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