【Do it. Can Anyone Be an Artist?】Sign up to Do it for Guests!
【Do it. Can Anyone Be an Artist? 「做」,人人都可以是藝術家?】
我們將邀請 25+ 位藝術家一起參與主題為「如何進行藝術創作」的計畫,每位藝術家受邀撰寫一頁「如何創作藝術」的指南,這些指南將被匯集成書,並於 4 月 26 日至 28 日舉辦的藝術餐會中發送給參與餐會的來賓們。



We are inviting more than 25 artists to participate in a dinner project on the topic of how to make art. Each artist is invited to submit a step-by-step instructional page that will be compiled into one informal book offered at the dinner on April 26th - 28th.

The instructions will offer anyone picking up the book to recreate the works on their own. And the question left is, if someone creates the work by themselves, is that person an artist?

We will try to accommodate as many artists as possible into the book, with the possibility of a later publication. The book itself will be a celebration of artists in all kinds.

【日期與時間 Event Timing】
April 26th - 28th, 2019 6:00 PM~ 9:45PM
(Event Starts at 6:45 PM)
​請來賓於 6:40 PM 前準時抵達。
Please arrive before 6:40PM.
6:00 PM 雞尾酒與小點 Cocktail Hour, viewing of artwork
6:45 PM 藝術家分享 Artist Stories Round 1
7:15 PM 餐飲饗宴 Dinner by
宅斜槓料理 A corner in haven (宅涮涮鍋 全新品牌)
8:55 PM 藝術家分享 Artist Stories Round 2
9:25 PM 藝術演出 Performance
10:00 PM 閉幕分享 Closing Remarks

【票價 Ticket Price】
票價 每人 2,500元 /天,包含餐酒、Do it 指南手冊
​Standard price for registration and payment  2,500NTD per head /day, includes cocktails, dinner and a "Do it" book

【活動內容 Event Content】
結合藝術家們的 Do it 藝術品舉辦餐會,當日活動包含:Do it 指南作品展演、示範教學、藝術表演,並提供餐搭酒供各位享用。
Set in the first artist-run alternative space in Taipei, where hundreds of artists got their start. We will present a dinner, cocktails, storytelling, a book of collected instructions on how to make art and the live performance.

【活動地址 Event Address】
伊通公園 IT Park
3F, No.41, YiTong St. Taipei

【匯款帳號/Bank Info】
銀行名稱:華南商業銀行(008) 西湖分行
Hua Nan Commercial Bank (008) 西湖分行 179-20-020433-2 Account Name 林佳蓉

【How to transfer the payment for the event】
1. Please go to an ATM machine (You choose any ATM machine in convenient store, metro station or local branch of any bank. Doesn't need to be your own bank. The only different will the the occurrence of max 30 NTD transaction fee)
2. Select 「money transfer service」 and wire the event payment to this bank account
3. After completing the payment, please let us know the final 5 digit of your bank account (not card number). You can still edit this questionnaire after your submission.
4. You can also go to your bank and complete the money transfer at the counter.

【注意事項/ Special Notice】
本活動需於 4 月 25 前完成報名並全額繳清,取消恕不退費
Reservation and payment in advance is must. Last registration and payment date Apr-25th, 2019.
No cancelation or refund.
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請提供匯款帳號末5碼以方便對帳/Please let us know the final 5 digit of your bank account to confirm your payment. 【匯款帳號/Bank Info】華南商業銀行 Hua Nan Commercial Bank (008) is the bank number and 179-20-020433-2 is the account number. *
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