2017-2018 Video Productions Application (7th & 8th grade)
The following elective application will be used to help determine placement into Video Production. Please answer all questions related to your elective choice to the best of your ability. Be genuine, be sincere, but most importantly, just BE YOU!
What grade are you going to be in NEXT YEAR?
What is your first name?
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What is your last name?
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What is your current school?
What is the LAST NAME of your current teacher (6th graders), or the teacher that knows you best (7th graders)?
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What is the best email to use if we need to contact you?
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What electives are you interested in applying for?
What is your first elective choice?
What is your second elective choice?
What is your third elective choice?
Can you say, "In all my classes, I have a C or better."?
In 1 or 2 sentences, explain why you should be selected for the Video Production Class.
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Additional notes or comments (only if necessary)
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