Content Contributor: SOHTime Virtual Support for Black Women Living Positively
We are pleased to announce and share the good news that SEEDS of Healing, Inc., received the SPARK! Grant through a joint funding program with Gilead’s Compass Initiative and the Southern AIDS Coalition to launch "SOHTime: Virtual Support for Black Women Living Positively", a web-based space for Black, African-American women living with HIV. This custom-designed and culturally tailored website will offer a series of topic-specific support groups, opportunities to engage with experts on HIV and the health of Black, African-American women while providing tangible tools to aid adherence to HIV medication and other health behaviors while social distancing.
We would be honored to have Black, African American women (cisgender, transgender, and-non binary) contribute to this platform for Black, African American women living positively. If interested, please complete this form.
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