2019 Next Level Program: Application for Admission
Please Review Admission Requirements. Applicants must sign up for RnR 2019 prior to submitting a 2019 Next Level Program Application. Please send Coach Deja your RnR registration confirmation email. All Applicants will be screened and verified prior to program launch. You will receive a response on enrollment status within 5 business days.
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The Next Level Program requires a time commitment of 14+ hours per week for the entire program. Are you able to fulfill this time commitment? *
This Program requires athletes to complete assignments throughout. Assignments include but are not limited to creating and updating a training log, creating a nutrition log, completing strength training workouts, etc. Will you able to complete these assignments for the entire program? *
During the heaviest training block Marathoners will be expected to run 50+ Miles per week, while Half Marathoners will be expected to run 40+ Miles per week. Are you able to build your mileage to these distances? *
Cross Training is a key component of the Next Level Program. Are you willing to utilize cross training to supplement your training regiment? *
Please provide your 2019 racing plans including your most important race. *
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Please list all of your recent PR’s and race times in the last 1-2 years. Please list all applicable: Mile/1500, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, etc. *
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