STMC 2020 Resources for Schools
In order to receive the STMC 2020 materials for your own use in school/ college, we ask that you complete this form so that we can develop the competition in future years.

We understand schools are busier than ever at the moment so we are very grateful for you taking the time to add your data.

Please note all responses are optional, so if you regularly take part in STMC and/or don't have time to complete the whole questionnaire, that's fine.

We will use the data to improve the competition in future years, so are very grateful for any supplied.

Once you have completed the form, the materials will be emailed to you within 3 days (up until 17th December, requests after that will be dealt with after 4th January).
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Percentage of pupil premium students at your school?
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Has your school/ college taken part in STMC before?
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What other maths enrichment does your school/college offer or participate in?
If you have never taken part before, please let us know why not.
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If you take part irregularly (i.e. not every year) please could you let us know why this is?
If you have taken part before, what do you feel the students gain from this competition?
If you could make changes to the existing competition, what would you alter?
Is your school also interested in receiving our free mentoring resources?
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Thank you very much for completing our survey- it is extremely valuable for us to know which schools take part in our competitions and challenges (or why they don't) so we can continue to make them as accessible as we can and meet the UKMT charitable aims of advancing the education of young people in mathematics.
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