WWL 2018 HS Signup Sheet
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Tournament Specifics and Rules:
The Hearthstone Tournament for Welcome Week Lan 2018 will be in the Standard Conquest format. This means that every player will need to have 4 decks from 4 different classes ready at the start of the tournament. When the players meet their opponents, they must both reveal the classes of each deck they brought. Then, each player will ban one class from the pool of classes that the other player brought. It is typical for the players to record the list of classes and bans in case of discrepancies. We use a mixture of websites to host the tournaments, so this may be able to be done automatically via the website. Each player then must win with the 3 remaining decks (1 win with each class) in a best of 5 to be declared the winner. The tournament will be a randomly seeded, double elimination bracket. Players will have to submit decklists to the website in order to participate, if a website is being used to host the tournament. If a player plays with a deck not submitted to the bracket, are considered disqualified if the opponent so chooses. Players can challenge each other as soon as the bracket is updated and/or released.

Sign ups close at the an hour after WWL starts and the bracket will be posted and on display up to 30 minutes afterwards. Announcements will be made at the event as the brackets are updated.

Prize Pool and Entry Fee:
For this event, there will be a prize pool funded by an entry fee. The fee is $3 per player and all money raised will go directly to the prize pool. The prize split is as follows: 1st - 50% of prize pool, 2nd - 30% of prize pool, 3rd - 10% of prize pool.
The prize pool percentage is subject to change slightly in order to round to nearest whole dollar.

- Standard Conquest
- 4 decks from 4 different classes
- Cannot change decks after they’re locked in
- Each player bans 1 deck that their opponent has brought
- First to win a game with each deck (3 wins total)

For any questions or clarifications contact Tristan | Flappydoge or Trent | Snowbank77 on the Nevada Esports Discord Server

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