Hermit House Homesteading Chicken Naming Competition #1 - CLOSED (Winner Announced)

By popular request, we want to open up the naming of our chickens to the public. We have 38 chickens at the moment, but only some of them have names. We plan to post pictures of our unnamed hens on a regular basis and pick the best entry.


The winner not only gets the satisfaction of naming a chicken but will get a photo of the chicken (with their winning name suggestion) as well as their name/handle listed as a token of thanks.


For the first entry we have the following hen (see image below):

She is from the youngest flock that we have and is one of the "Hazel" cross-breeds. (Hazel being the cuddly house hen, formally known as the "Hazelnut Peeper" when she was a chick: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/hazelnutpeeper/?hl=en). We believe they are a mix of Marans, Barnvender, and Wyandotte, but we can't be sure.

There are three "Hazel" breeds in the young flock. However, this hen has recently attached herself to House Mr once we relocated him outside (he is the rooster that used to stay in the house with Hazel and Little Miss until he got too loud). Since Hazel herself has gone uber broody of late, this hen is filling in the "Hazel" spot in the "house" flock.

This hen is quite brave; she has dared to venture into the house a little bit when the other house chooks decide they want to keep us company. She has always been more receptive to being held than the others in the "young" flock. However, she isn't as tame as the "house" flock, who are more used to being held every day and consider our home their home.

As she is becoming part of the extended "house chook" family, we really need a name for her.

So, what name springs to mind for you?

DEADLINE: 3rd August 2018

For more information about our chickens, see:

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hermithousehomesteading
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8fDUlMHlYHo0h5MF9dmJw
WEBSITE: http://hermit.house/Homesteading

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