Quality Problem Report (QPR)
This form allows users to report conversation or language quality problems with Character.AI. For other problems (user interface bugs, account issues, etc, please use see the FAQ for other options to report. Note: pornographic chat is not supported).

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Description of the quality problem (what should we be looking for in your example, what did you expect to happen that didn't or what happened that shouldn't have)  *
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Link to example (Copy/paste a link to a conversation that demonstrates this quality problem. Use the Share button in the upper right, then or Share this Conversation (not Share Character). You should select "only people with the post link can see" from the drop down that says "Everyone can see" *
Problem type (common problems that have occurred in the past)
Steps to reproduce (if possible, describe how we might reproduce this quality problem ourselves)
Frequency (how often have you see something like this behavior?)
Timing (when did you start noticing this quality problem?)
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Other comments (anything else that might help us diagnosis or improve this quality problem?
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