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This summer is an experiment for us: Is there a demand to use as a co-working space? We want to find out if this could help us cover our running costs, and if it could support our ambition to create more collaboration amongst change-makers in Copenhagen. Ideally we would have a flexible community that supports each other healthily with various projects. Therefore we would like you to answer a few questions. Thank you for your interest!
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We are having events at as well, so while we are offering 24 hours access, you might not be able to use the big room during events. Events generally run between 17:30-23:00 (rarely later) and at different times during the weekend. During the summer we will be having less events than usual (from June 21st - August 11th, during our Summer break). You are encouraged to participate in any of the events!
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We offer a 500,- DKK/month discount for students and non-profits. If you feel like this applies to you, please send us documentation to
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