Amuse Your Bouche (almost) annual reader survey 2018
Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to complete my reader survey! Most of the questions are multiple choice, but there's also the option to leave any additional feedback at the end of the survey if you would like to 👍👍
What gender are you?
What age bracket do you fall into?
Which of these best describes your diet?
Which of these best describes you?
How many portions do you generally like recipes to serve?
Are you a member of my private Facebook group (search 'Easy Vegetarian Dinners' on Facebook if not!)?
How do you generally find out about new recipes on AYB? (check as many as apply)
Which of these non-recipe post formats are you interested in?
Have you ever cooked an AYB recipe?
What are your favourite proteins to see used in recipes? (check as many as apply)
Are you interested in seeing more recipes for the Instant Pot?
Would you be interested in weekly or monthly vegetarian meal plan suggestions?
Are there any new features you'd like to see on AYB, or anything else you'd like me to do differently?
Anything else you'd like to add?
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