Sri Lanka Testimony Collection
The ITJP and the Human Rights Data Analysis Group are initiating a worldwide movement to list, name and count the dead from the war in Sri Lanka. The aim is to estimate the final numbers.We are very keen to include the lists already compiled. We also urge community groups and activists around the world to go out and collect data and submit it through this form
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Full name of person entering this information.  This piece of information will be kept confidential and not made public. *
Full name of the person who is giving this testimony (can be the same person who is entering but please fill in both fields). This piece of information will be kept confidential and not made public. *
How is the witness related to the victim or know of the victim's death or disappearance? *
Give a one sentence description of how the witness knows the details of the victim's death or disappearance, e.g., My son who was arrested from our home;  A neighbor that was shot in front of me; etc. *
Full name of victim (first name or initial and then last name) *
Name of the father of the victim (surname), if known.
If victim was female and married, what is her husband's name, if known?
Date of birth of the victim. If you do not know the exact date, enter a zero (0) for the month or day.  If you do not know the date of birth but age, skip this question and go to the next one.
Age (in years only) of victim at time of death or disappearance, or as close a guess of their age you can give.  If victim was an infant under the age of 1 year old, please list age as 1. *
Sex of the victim *
Status of the victim *
What is the date of the death or disappearance or last known sighting of the victim? *
If the victim was killed, what caused the death? *
If other was selected for the question above, please give a brief description.
Ethnicity of the victim
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Village where victim was born or raised.
Village where victim was killed or disappeared from. *
Occupation of the victim (student, housewife, farmer, driver, etc) if known.
If this testimony information was collected by an organization, please give us the name of the organization. This piece of information will be kept confidential and not made public.
If you choose, you can give us a narrative description of the victim and the circumstances surrounding their death or disappearance that you think may be helpful.  This can include what person or group is responsible for the death or disappearance, etc.
Optional, but helpful information - please tell us the country where this witness currently lives.  This will help us determine where we need to focus our efforts to collect more testimonies.
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