2018 Planning and Priorities Survey from Eagle Staff PTSA
Dear Eagle Staff MS community,

The Friends of Robert Eagle Staff Middle School PTSA is asking for your input to help set our budget and activity priorities and organizational planning for 2018/2019.

Please help us to plan for next year by responding to this BRIEF five-question survey by *MAY 11*. Thank you for your help!

BACKGROUND: Since spring 2017, our Eagle Staff MS community has provided almost $60,000 in financial contributions to support school activities in our first year, including orientation and student-focused events, parent education, spirit wear, traffic safety, field trip funding and scholarships, library and maker-space, classroom grant funding, 8th grade promotion, new student social events, and more.

Our annual report is here: http://eaglestaffptsa.org/ptsa-annual-report-english/.

Questions? president@eaglestaffptsa.org

Q1. How would you prioritize our PTSA’s main focus areas?
Please rank 1st to 7th:
1 (top priority)
7 (low priority)
Parent Education (sessions about bullying, online safety, safe routes)
Advocacy (student advocacy & funding, transportation safety and safe routes, training and conferences)
School Support (music, library, WEB, counselors, field trips, spirit wear)
Academic support (classroom grants and scholarships)
Extracurricular (sports, other after school programs)
Community outreach (giving tree, local PTA support)
If you responded 'other' above, please describe:
Your answer
Q2. Based on the budget report and PTSA priorities, how satisfied are you with the allocation of PTSA expenditures made in 2017-2018? (Report: http://eaglestaffptsa.org/ptsa-annual-report-english/)
Select level of satisfaction:
Does not align with my expectations/ priorities
Aligns with my expectations/ priorities
Q3a. Let us know how you engaged with or supported RESMS during our first year.
Check all that apply:
Q3b. How would you prefer to engage with RESMS and PTSA *NEXT* year?
Check your top preferences (please limit to five):
4. What are your suggestions or comments regarding PTSA priorities, budget items, or activities?
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5. Can we count on you to volunteer?
If you would like to volunteer at any level or have us respond to your comments, please leave your email and area of interest, so we can contact you.
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