Operation SEAPonyCon Performer Application
Hello you! Thanks for swinging by. Here's the place to apply to perform at Operation SEAPonyCon. A pony convention is not complete without music and if you're here we want to see what you've got. Can we have an email address where we can reach you in a pinch?
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Before you proceed...
You are more than welcome to audition for a slot to perform at Operation SEAPonyCon for a spot to perform at our concerts, thunder:storm snow:flurry and Friendship X¹⁹. Both these concerts are slated to take place on the night of 30 November 2019.

The rate of being accepted to perform is far more stringent than our other applications such as Harmony Six and Friendship Pro. The purpose of this application is for us to reach out and see if there are any budding performers who are hoping to be able to bring their music to our humble convention.

If you have ideas for more interactive musical performances, sharing or activities, consider a Harmony Six panel at http://harmonysix.seaponycon.com

Should you be chosen for a slot, please bear in mind that it may be a short one (15-30min). We would also like to make it known that Southeast Asian brony musicians will be given priority as this convention is geared to give them the opportunities that are otherwise out of reach due to geographical or financial constraints.

We would like to also make it clear that Project SEAPonyCon by default will not be providing any monetary incentive or stipend to any performers for this event. Your travel arrangement(s) are your own responsibility. However, if there is anything that we may be able to help with we are open to discussion and negotiation with no guarantee. If you are not agreeable to this, please do not apply.

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