Cobb County Composite Squadron in going to Kennedy Space Center! Sept 6-7th we will travel to Cape Canaveral, FL to see were it all happens. There is a 30 Cadet limit so don't delay. We will depart GA090 at NLT(No Later Than) 1pm on the Friday, so parents will need to have cadets released from school. We are returning NLT 9pm the following Sunday. DRIVERS! I need 4 of you, please sign up ASAP. Seniors may wear Corporate or ABU/BDU if you wish.

The cost is $180.00 which includes your admission, and lodging. Bring money for food or snacks.

Basic packing list is enough personal items/cloths for 2 nights, and ABU/BDU uniform for Saturday. There is a pool at the hotel if you wish to swim.

DROP DEAD DEADLINE is AUG 23, and the payment due date. I will open the applications to the rest of group one after Aug 10th, so you don't want to miss your chance.

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