Dissemination seminar
Dear Participant,

You have participated in the Dissemination seminar under the project LEADER OF CHANGE - Mentorship program for Entrepreneurial Leaders in local communities.

Below you can find a short questionary regarding this event. Take a look questions carefully and chose those answers which you estimate as the most relevant.

Center Spirala - Project partner

From which country are you: *
You have participated on this event as: *
1) What is the most intrinsic reason for your participation in this event? *
2) Which are the most crucial messages that project exposes with its slogan ‘Leaders of change within the entrepreneurial context’’? You can chose more answers. *
3) What is the main added value of the Mentorship program’s logic? *
4) How do you estimate different roles, that SBMC can perform in future for involved entrepreneurs? *
Very relevant
Less relevant
Not relevant
Educational role
Training role
Informative role
Promotional role
Motivational role
Networking role
Self-knowledge activation role
Dziękuję, Obrigado, Hvala, Thank you.
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