Masonic Fraternity Family Benefit (MFFB) Scheme
When a brother is called to the Grand Lodge Above, members of the Fraternity yearn to be of some help to the family, but at present, do not have a way to do a collective assistance. This Scheme is a Benefit Scheme for the family members of the Fraternity in RGLSI.

While it is true that the family members of Freemasons never ask, Freemasons are generous and aware that the distinguishing characteristic of every Freemason’s heart is Charity.

The Scheme envisages a contribution from each member of the Scheme to the family
of the member who is called to the GLA. The Scheme also aims to support the families
of brethren in RGLSI who have been already called to the GLA while they were on the
rolls of the Lodges in RGLSI.

For further details please read this document -

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