SunBurn Ticket Transfer Request
Use this form to request and accept ticket transfers.

Every transfer needs a request from the current ticket holder and an acceptance from the intended recipient of the transfer.

To make sure there are no errors, a request and an acceptance should match up as closely as possible.

What ticket ID is this concerning? *
This number should be found next to the ticket you intend to transfer, and should look like "#A99999999" or "#99999999".
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Who are you? *
please enter your e-mail address
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I am... *
Who is the other party? *
please enter their e-mail address
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What is the new ticket holder's legal name? *
This should match the ID that will be presented at gate.
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What is the new ticket holder's preferred name?
This is optional.
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I am requesting the transfer of this ticket between the parties above. I understand that this will result in a change to the will-call list at gate, and errors in the information provided may result in denial of entry. *
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