ACPA Commission for Social Justice Educators Interest Survey
Please fill out this brief survey to let us know what you would be interested in participating in or being involved with. We know that everyone has different time commitments and levels of interest. If you are interested in a certain program/resource, let us know how you would like to be involved. You may be contacted by a member of the CSJE Directorate Body if you express interest in a certain program/resource.

Subgroup member: Work on a subgroup with a Directorate Body member to help develop and coordinate the program/resource. This would likely involve participating in calls.
Volunteer: You don't have time to be directly involved with the planning, but would be happy to help lend a hand when needed.
Participant: You would utilize this program/resource.
Not interested: You would not utilize this program/resource.

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Current Role
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Current Institution/Organization
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Subgroup Member
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Review/submit CSJE awards
Review/submit convention sponsored programs
CSJE social at convention
Institute on Social Justice (National)
Institute on Social Justice (Regional)
Wired for Connection (SJE Conversation Partner Program)
CSJE Blog (
Service project at convention
Facilitator training
Briefings on Current Events
Social media programs (Twitter chats, Ask Me Anythings, etc.)
What other ideas or projects would you like to see from CSJE?
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How likely are you to attend the 2018 ACPA convention in Houston, TX?
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Very likely
Would you be interested in joining the Directorate Body for the 2018-19 year?
Is there anything else you would like to know, or any questions you have about the commission?
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