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At the Department of Education we often have the opportunity to hear and see all the good TLC work happening in districts throughout the state. We also receive some common requests from teacher leaders, administrators, and AEA staff. These include:
• How's TLC going in other districts?
• How are other districts handling [insert any TLC practice or component here]?
• What successful practices are you seeing in other districts that you can share?
In order to respond to these requests and others we would like you to share specific areas of implementation that are going well in your district. Our hope is that these district profiles will enable others to learn about what is happening across the state, share new ideas and inspiration, help answer persistent questions, and most importantly help districts reflect on TLC implementation and how they can ensure it is continuously improving.

Once you have submitted your District Profile it will be added to our collection from which can choose to publish. Profiles may be posted on the Agora TLC Community Website, the TLC webpage, distributed through our TLC email contacts, and shared via (whatever you call the emails like the one that went out today). – Thank You –
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What is a profile "practice" or "component"?
Please identify the focus of this profile. This should be a specific action or process that supports the implementation of TLC in the District. Examples might include: Use of Instructional Framework, How to Provide Time for Planning, Collaboration and Development, Use of Model Teacher, Culture and Climate Building etc...
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What are "related resources"?
If you choose to, you may share any guidance or documents that support this work. If we publish this profile the IDOE may add links to TLC FAQs, Legislation and or other guidance.
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