Small Businesses and Microenterprise Grant Program for COVID-19 Impacts
This grant program is available for businesses impacted by COVID-19 who have been operating for at least one year. Applicants will need to either qualify as low-moderate income self-employed individuals/business owners with five or fewer employees (Microenterprise); or as a small business that employs individuals whose households qualify as low-moderate income.

Businesses need to provide information on how they are responding to the pandemic and how they plan to remain in business for the foreseeable future. In order to demonstrate past operations, COVID-19 impacts and low-moderate income qualifications, applicants will be screened based on this application, Those who appear to meet eligibility requirements will be required to submit additional documentation as a second step in the application process.

Grants are expected to be a minimum of $2,500 and up to $10,000 for a Microenterprise/Self-employed individual. For businesses employing low-moderate income individuals, the maximum grant amount will be $2,500 per qualifying employee.

Low-Moderate income limits vary per county. Following are the income limits for our region.

Baker County Union County Wallowa County
Household of 1 $32,200 $34,100 $33,050
Household of 2 $36,800 $38,950 $37,800
Household of 3 $41,400 $43,800 $42,500
Household of 4 $46,000 $48,650 $47,200
Household of 5 $49,700 $52,450 $51,000
Household of 6 $53,400 $56,450 $54,800
Household of 7 $57,050 $60,350 $58,550
Household of 8 $60,750 $64,250 $62,350

IMPORTANT: This information entered into this form will not be saved if you close the application before submitting it. If you prefer to fill out a Word version of the form or a paper form, please contact or 541-426-3598 for assistance.

This grant may not be available to staff, board or family members of the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District or the staff or family members of the Baker County, Wallowa County or the City of La Grande. If you think you have a conflict of interest with any of the above, please notify

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