Community Compassion Fund Application
Please use the form below if you have found yourself in a financial hardship due COVID-19. If selected, we will be in contact with you about how best to get you the funds.
Please do not try to contact us to check the status of this application - we just don't have the infrastructure to handle high volume communication of this kind. Our team will be contacting you the Monday after your application, so please wait until then for further communication.
By filling out this form, you are alerting us to your need, but it does not guarantee any financial help. Our selection team will be reviewing each application and dispersing funds based on how much is received. We have no control over funds received and the team will do the best they can to disperse funds fairly and for the most good!

We offered an opportunity to our community to donate a portion of their stimulus check if they weren't experiencing high need personally, so all funds have been donated by the community, for the community. We see you and we care!
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