2018-19 Student Application
Redeemer Classical School
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To determine what form you think your child should enter, please consult our website for entrance requirements and a list of major academic expectations for each form. We place and advance children based on their individual needs and abilities, not their age, since age does not pinpoint development precisely.

A child should be placed where he or she will be enjoyably challenged but not overwhelmed, and our expectations for each form are very high compared to other private, public, and home schools, so grade levels often will not transfer exactly. We promise that no matter what level your child enters at, he or she will be fed nourishing mind and soul “food,” and will ultimately commence from Redeemer Classical far ahead his or her agemates. Grade numbers are far less important than achievement.

All information in this form will be seen only by Redeemer Classical School staff and kept strictly confidential.
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