Bespoke Books for Kids
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Because this is a kids subscription box, age is important! It helps us determine where from the store we should be pulling books.
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Subscription boxes will be ready on the 15th of each month (or quarter or every other month, etc). Boxes being shipped will ship out with the goal of arriving on the 15th.
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Tell us about your kiddo! What do they enjoy reading, what is their reading level, are we only choosing books they can read alone or should be include some more challenging books to read with parents / grandparents?
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Think about your kids' reading habits, the frequency with which you're receiving this subscription, your budget, other sources you receive your books from.
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We want to always be transparent. Books are not a cheap hobby! For a subscription box for kids, you can expect a box with one book to range in cost from $10 - $25.
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