St. John Portico Book & Gift Store Questionnaire
We're hoping to improve our campus bookstore in the Portico! We need YOUR help in picking a new name, and telling us any suggestions you have!
Do you have a suggestion for naming the store? Write it here!
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What types of things would you like to see in the store? Please check as many as you would like!
What do you MOST want to see in the store? Please check no more than three.
Would you like to see some of the Parish Center services available in the Portico/at the store on weekends?
Which Parish Center services would you like to see?
Do you have any other suggestions or comments for us?
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Your Name (if you win the naming contest and would like to be recognized for your suggestion!)
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May we contact you with questions? If yes, please add your contact information. If not, that's okay, too!
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Thank you!
Thank you so much for taking the time to take this survey!
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