BronyCon 2019 Public Relations Application
Hello and thank you for showing interest in BronyCon's Public Relations team!

Our job is to not only gain our attendees' trust, but evolve and adapt to what they say. You'll also be on the front line for coming up with new ideas to garner fan feedback or new things for our fans to do, both at the convention and online as well. So, we want to see what you've got!

This application is intended to give us a better idea about your experience and ideas for the team. Once you submit your application, we will take time to evaluate each candidate. After that, we will reach out to candidates who we think can improve BronyCon not only internally, but externally with our fans as well.

BronyCon does not discriminate hiring by age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or favorite pony. We will use your information only for the purposes of staffing BronyCon.

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