Call To Action Vision Council Nomination Form
As part of our transition from a traditional board of directors to the new Vision Council, Call to Action (CTA) has committed to more transparent, more broadly-based, consensus-style decision making and direction. The goal of this transition is to create a strong, diverse governing body that is representative of CTA’s membership and capable of leading the CTA community of faith to fulfill our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs statements.
The Vision Council members are selected as follows:
• Two members selected by the 20/30 Young Adult leadership team
• Two members selected by Chapter leadership
• Two members selected by the Anti-Racism team
• Five members selected by discernment and consensus by sitting Vision Council members, based on needed skill sets and traits (strength, compassion, diplomacy, etc.)
• Four members selected by the general membership.

There is currently a vacancy in the members selected by the general membership.

The following process will be used to fill this vacancy:
• Nominations will be accepted through January 15, 2018. Members may nominate themselves or others by submitting a completed nomination form, either by mail or electronically. All questions on the form must be answered.
• From January 16-31, 2018, the Vision Council and leadership groups will review the nominations and contact nominees with any questions. Nominees must, by consensus of the Vision Council, Chapter Leaders, 20/30 Leadership, and Antiracism Team, be able and willing to meet the expectations of a Vision Council member in order to move forward for consideration by the general membership.
• In early February 2018, the names of nominees, along with condensed biographies including background information and demonstration of commitment to CTA’s mission, vision, and core beliefs, will be shared via electronic media with all known CTA members. Voting will be conducted online and via mail with each member allowed to vote once. The deadline for voting will be February 28, 2018.
• Votes will be tabulated and the new member notified and announced by March 15, 2018.
Members of Call To Action's Vision Council agree to:
o Work to further the Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs of Call To Action.
o Commit to serve for at least one term of 3 years.
o Complete weekend-long, CTA-sponsored anti-racism/anti-oppression training.
o Actively learn and engage in consensus decision making practices.
o Be present and participate in three 2.5 day (Friday-Sunday) Vision Council meetings and monthly 90 minute teleconference or Skype calls. (All costs associated with Vision Council service are covered by Call To Action)
o Serve on 1-2 subcommittees.
Call To Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles.
Call To Action will be the leader in challenging Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities.
Core Beliefs
We believe that:
• The people of God are called to live lives rooted in the Gospel.
• The church is the people of God and the people of God are accountable to the Creator and each other.
• Faith communities have the responsibility to foster inclusivity and justice.
• Every individual has the right to act according to an informed conscience and the
responsibility to promote the equality and dignity of all people.
Deadline for submission: January 15, 2018
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3. What work have you done that demonstrates your commitment to CTA's mission, vision, and core values? Please include any anti-racism and anti-oppression activities. *
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4. Please share your thoughts about all-gender restrooms and other moves toward inclusivity at CTA events. How can we best make everyone feel welcome? *
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5. Please describe some experience you’ve had with group conflict, and how you dealt with it. *
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6. Describe how you would improve and/or expand CTA outreach to members and to the public. *
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7. What other commitments (volunteer, work, family) do you currently have? Approximately how many hours per week would you be available for CTA activities? *
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8. If not selected for Vision Council Service, what other committees and/or leadership groups within CTA would interest you? *
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