Tell Us A Story: Catalyzing Impact through Volunteer Engagement
Help us to demonstrate how volunteering creates ripples of impact through not only the organization's beneficiaries, but also volunteers, business, and communities. Do you have an inspirational story to share with peers about how you have driven change through volunteer engagement?

Submit a video (by February 15, 2019) and your work may be selected to be highlighted at the plenary session at the 2019 Points of Light Conference (June 18-20 in St. Paul, MN). Help your peers gain new perspectives and strategies to become catalysts for impact through volunteer engagement.


1. Review the questions below. This will ensure your story stays focused on the information that will help us meet our goal for the conference plenary.

2. Identify a specific volunteer, , team of volunteers, or project that has had real impact. It could be a fairly new or innovative way that your organization has engaged volunteers or a tried and tested method developed over time.

3. Create a brief video (2 minutes MAX) of your story, using the questions below to guide your content. Feel free to be creative but remember: the MOST important thing is to address the questions we’ve provided.

4. In the space below, provide the link to wherever you are hosting your video (such as YouTube or VIMEO), so we can view it.

5. If your story is selected, we will follow up with you to learn more, and discuss more details about how your story might be used at the conference and obtain any necessary permissions (for this or a final version of the video).

Questions to Focus Your Story Content:

Introduction: In general, what is the focus of your story? Does it involve a single volunteer, a role played by a number of volunteers, a time-limited group project, an ongoing activity?

In the Beginning: What sparked the idea for this volunteer activity/role? Who started the conversation about it? What was the primary motivation for pursuing the idea?

Challenges & Surprises: As this activity evolved, were there specific challenges you faced? Were there conflicting ideas or opinions along the way? Any unexpected hurdles or pleasant surprises you did not anticipate? If so, please describe briefly.

Your Role: How were you personally involved in moving the initial idea to reality? What specific role did you play as a leader and why was it important?

Results and Impact: Tell us how this volunteer engagement experience has affected, benefitted, or changed each of the following stakeholders. Please be as specific as possible.
The Recipient of Service (Client, Customer)
The Volunteer (individual or group)
The Volunteer Engagement Professional (you!)
The Staff or Other Volunteers
Your Organization as a Whole
An External Funder, Sponsor or Partner
Your Neighborhood or Community

Reflection: What makes this memorable for you? What did you learn? How might this experience teach/inform/educate others?

Submit Your Story: Please provide the link where we can view your video.

Optional: You may provide a few notes of additional information if you feel it will be helpful to us as we consider your submission.

Deadline for Submission: February 15, 2019

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