WG-2 Workshop, 24 & 25 Oct 2019, Poznan, Poland, SUBMISSIONS https://publicpolicyargument.eu/
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Topic: Politicizing and depoliticizing climate change: How to evaluate public communication from argumentative perspectives?

Public arguments seem mangled between those who make use them as tools for political strife, and those who use them as tools for technocratic governance. What have contemporary theories of public argument on offer when it comes to safeguarding a public sphere for deliberation?

We welcome all submissions that have to do with the norms for evaluating public argument, whether linguistic, epistemic, dialectical, moral, political, legal, ecological, also when not particularly dealing with the controversy about climate change.

Part of the workshop will be a session in which small groups write parts of the survey paper (the next Cost Action deliverable for WG-2, due 2020), based on the results in the workshop and on the position papers that will have been posted by then on the APPLY website.

We plan to invite 5-6 participants from WG-2.

Anyone available then, and can contribute with a paper presentation please submit a proposal below. Mariusz Urbanski, Frank Zenker and Jan Albert van Laar will select from the submissions based on relevance.

In addition, we plan to invite two specialists on the workshop topic, possibly after an external call for papers, as well as a member from cost action working group 1 and from working group 3.

Tentative Program

***Wednesday, 23rd (arrival day)***
19.30 ish informal dinner

***Thursday, 24th***
9.30 morning coffee
10-12 talk time (e.g. 2x40 mins each plus ca 20 for discussion)
12-13.30 lunch (provided by the organizers)
13.30-15.30 talk time
15.30-16 coffee
16-18 talk time
18.30 - dinner nearby (provided by the organizers)

***Friday, 25th***
same, just after-lunch slots devoted to writing

Deadline: PENDING

Main organizer: Mariusz Urbanski, Psychology, AMU, Poznan, Poland
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