Supply Donations
Thank you for donating supplies to us! We are 100% volunteer run and were created for the community, by the community. All accepted donations will either be used (1) create mask making kits or (2) routed directly to the sewists that donate to our organization.

To see what we accept, please take a look at the list below.

A few additional tips:
-- Please ensure to separate out donations. For example, fabric in one bag, sheets in another bag. This allows us to efficiently route donations to volunteers.
-- Before donating, please make sure that we accept what you are donating.
-- If you are donating material that is not 100% cotton, please make sure to mark this ON the bag somehow (with a sharpie, post-it note, leave a note inside the top of the bag, etc.)
-- All fabric from non-smoking homes, please

Looking to donate completed masks? You're in the wrong spot! Please find the correct form here:

After you submit this form, we we will follow-up with you within ~5 business days. We thank you for your patience and kindly ask that you hold on to your donation until we reach out to you. Because we are all volunteers, it takes us a few days to arrange a pickup/drop off!

You may reach out to us anytime at, however please do know that we monitor this form daily.

Other ways to support us can be found here:
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Any other comments? Please also feel free to tell us more about what you are donating.
I understand that if I am donating any type of cloth material (fabric, sheets, tshirts) that I will (1) Make sure that you accept and I am donating and (2) Properly sort the items before donation. Types of material should go into different bags (e.g. fabric in one bag, sheets in another bag). Types of fabric should be sorted out as well: 100% cotton versus cotton/polyester blends. It also helps if you write the type of material on a piece of paper and place this into the bag. This is because in order to create masks, SFMP volunteers want to spend time cutting the fabric, and not sorting! Thank you so much for your understanding. If you are unable to sort at this time, please do not submit this form, however feel free to contact us at the email address above if you need any assistance. *
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