Indistar Feedback
Indistar is based on the premise that the people closest to the students are best positioned to chart the destiny of their school and improve their own practices. They benefit from a structured process and access to resources. Indistar guides a Leadership Team in realizing its vision for the school by working together toward indicators of effective practice.

This survey is one way in which you can tell the developers of the Indistar process how well it serves these purposes for your school, what is most helpful, and your suggestions for improvement. The survey should take no more than five minutes of your time, and we will appreciate it very much.

I am a: (please choose one)
Indistar helps our Leadership Team . . .(Please check one.)
Strongly Disagree - 1
Disagree - 2
Agree - 3
Strongly Agree - 4
a. Meet regularly
b. Prepare agendas and minutes for our meetings
c. Stay on track for improvement
d. Focus on effective practice
e. Have one place for documenting all our planning and implementation information
f. Receive guidance from an outside expert (coaching)
g. Set goals and performance measures
h. Submit state-required forms
i. Provide common language for all of our staff
j. Understand the research behind the indicators (Wise Ways)
Indistar (the online platform). . . (Please check one.)
Strongly Disagree - 1
Disagree - 2
Agree - 3
Strongly Agree - 4
k. Is intuitive
l. Is easy to navigate
m. Has useful information in Help buttons
n. Has useful video help aids
o. Provides convenient access to resources
p. Meets our needs for a school improvement process
1. Which indicator has been the most beneficial to your school? (Explain)
Your answer
2. What has been the overall impact of using the Indistar process in your school?
Your answer
3. What could be changed to make the process more impactful?
Your answer
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