Call for Volunteers
We need help to make 2017 a success and to get thing on track! We have plenty of things to do and all we need are volunteers. Yet again this is a tight schedule so you must be willing and able to get up and running ASAP and drive your activities quickly.

IMPORTANT: We are asking volunteers to adhere to a Statement of Commitment this year. Please read it before signing up:

This first call for volunteers is specifically targeted at the pre-event activities. The on-day call will be issued at a later date! For these roles, we of course need a team leader as well as a backup. So if you’re willing to commit a little extra and want to take on the responsibilities please let us know you’re interested in being a team lead.

So if you are up for the challenge and can spare some time starting ASAP, please contact us and let’s now what you are interested in at londonevents at

The Roles
CfP Board: Prepare, launch and manage the call for presentations/papers. You will also need to organize the vote and run the speaker operations on the day.

Badge Team: Help prepare and design a cool badge for the event. Try to go beyond our usual paper badge.

Rookie Track Board/Organisers: Prepare, launch and manage the call for rookie presenters and their mentors. You will need to match rookies who sign up with mentors (This is not the place you sign up to be a rookie or mentor)

Pre-Event Challenges: Help find, prepare/integrate and then publish challenges for our community to play before the event to earn prizes and tickets.

Workshop Organisation: Prepare, launch and manage the call for workshops. You will also need to decide how workshops are selected and run the workshop operations on the day.

Website maintenance: Help as a webmaster to archive last year's pages and help put up new pages and general web admin duties.

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