IHPP: Outreach Health Interest Survey
1. What grade are you in? *
2. How old are you? *
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3. Do you identify as Indigenous? (First Nation/Métis/Inuit) *
Please indicate how much you agree with the following statements (from strongly disagree to strongly agree):
4. I enjoy learning about science.
5. I enjoy learning about health.
6. I plan on studying science in college or university.
7. I plan on studying health in college or university.
8. In the future, I would like to work as a health professional or a scientist.
9. Check off the career options that interest you.
10. If you are interested in any career options that are NOT listed above, please write them in the text box below.
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11. I plan on working in health or science in my community/ an Indigenous community
12. I believe that I can be successful in my studies in science.
13. I feel there are obstacles and barriers that can limit my success in studying health and science.
14. If you answered the previous question with "Agree" or "Strongly agree", please tell us what you think some of these barriers are.
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15. The involvement of my parents/family/community in my education is important for my success.
16. My cultural practices and my traditional teachings are important for my future academic and career success.
17. I believe that Indigenous students are just as likely to succeed in science as non-Indigenous students.
18. If you answered the previous question with "strongly disagree" or "disagree", in a few words, please tell us why not?
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19. A mentor or role model would help me to succeed in studying science.
20. I would like to have access to a tutor or mentor through the electronic Tutoring and Mentoring (eTM) program.
21. I would like to attend the Eagle Spirit Science Futures Camp.
If you are interested in the Eagle Spirit Science Futures Camp and/or eTM, please leave us your email or Facebook name.
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