Student Government Contract 2017-2018
Timpview High School Student Government
Expectations & Behavior Contract

Congratulations on your election/appointment to Student Government! I am excited to work with you and to see you each grow as a leader. The following are expectations for each student government member and must be kept during the entire school year. Failure to meet these standards will result in discussion & possible removal from student government.

Each member is expected to:
• Attend class during 2nd period. Students will be docked for absences and tardies (see below). Students must use time in class for student government projects and assignments.
• Attend 10 THS activities per term (does not count if it’s an activity you are participating in)
• Attend all required student government activities (unless previously excused)
• Communicated 2 days (minimum) in advance if they cannot attend an required activity. Failure to communicate will result in not being able to make up the assignment.
• Be respectful during class agenda & discussions.
• Maintain a 3.0 or higher each term
- Wear school spirit every Friday
- Maintain an "Outstanding" or "Satisfactory" grade in attendance (see school attendance policy)
• Fulfill individual position assignments (see attached)

(It is not the advisors responsibility to think of make up assignments. Each student will come up with their own idea and present it for approval by the advisors)

Student Government members represent our school and community as leaders. Behavior that misrepresents the Timpview school and community will be review by the administration and advisor(s) to determine further actions.

As your advisor, I will always support and defend you as you strive to live the standards of someone who represents Timpview High School well. When in doubt, please communicate your concerns and/or questions to your advisor first. Be aware of your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine..etc) and how you represent yourself and the school.

***If a student council members receives 3 strikes to any of the above mentioned standards &/or individual assignments, removal from Student Council will occur. The Student Government Advisor and Administration have the right of putting student government members on probation or to be removed from office if they violate their contract.

Cassidy Baker
949 616 6447

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