Tangle pitch
I am curious to see how Tangle readers would make the pitch to Tangle readers about subscribing. So I'm asking you to give it a swing, and seeing if I can find some magic in a bottle.

Here's an example of a pitch I wrote from this week:

In today’s political climate, the easiest way to make money is clickbait and sensationalism. Tangle is trying to go against the grain by encouraging exposure to views you may not like, enthusiastically supporting open debate, and turning the temperature down. I'm committed to remaining ad-free and providing a free service to those who can't afford to pay, but I can't do that without the subscriptions of those who can. For under $5 a month, you can directly support the kind of journalism that avoids clickbait, explores the gray areas and gets you out of the media echo chamber. In addition to keeping our lights on, subscribers get access to Friday editions that include exclusive interviews, deep dives on reader-requested issues, as well as the comment section and the rewards program.
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