8th Grade - End of Term Reflection
US History - End of Term Reflection
Last, First
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What citizenship (Behavior) grade would you give yourself this term? *
Please explain why did you give yourself that citizenship score. *
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I enjoyed History Class this term. *
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I feel confident Identifying & Analyzing Historical Sources. *
I can identify Textual Evidence that supports claims while reading. *
I felt comfortable answering questions and expressing my thoughts and opinions in class this term. *
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This class has been challenging enough for me so far. *
I learned things this term that will help me succeed in life. *
Mrs. Davis treated students fairly in class this term. *
I saw connections between this class and other areas in my life. *
Things I learned connected to other classes and/or life outside of school
What do you think was the most important lesson you learned this Term? Please Explain. *
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What could Mrs. Davis have done differently this term to help you succeed? *
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In the space below, write any other thoughts for Mrs. Davis that might help improve the class next term:
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