Amount of X DNA shared by close family
I am collecting data on just X chromosome shared among close family members in order to better help adoptees figure out relationships.

Here is an example of how to get that data:

At 23andme you would need to use the table view in FIA where you might see something like:
name v name X 32000000 45000000 22.5 1592
name v name X 109000000 155000000 71 5057

Here the total cM is 93.5, there are 2 segments, and the largest segment is 71

At family tree DNA you would look at the table view in the chromosome browser to get these numbers

At GEDmatch you would do a one-to-one comparison on the X chromosome to get them

What is the family relationship? *
I am collecting data on the amount of matching X in close family members. If your relationship is not listed, then I am sorry, I am not collecting that data (for example sisters always share a full X). However half relationships via a mother can be included on any of the brother relationships
How many total cMs are shared on the X chromosome? *
Enter a number like 95.5 and only include 0cM when shared X is expected. For men, any segments 3cM or larger can be included, for woman 7cM or larger
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How many total segments are shared on the X chromosome? *
Male to male can include segments as small as 3cM, otherwise only count the ones greater than 7cM
What is the size in cM of the largest segment on the X chromosome? *
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Are both individuals from an endogamous population?
Some populations are very intermarried, Ashkenazim, Colonials, Mennonites, Polynesioans ... So check yes if so
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