Camp Independence Survey 2019
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Staff, parent, or CIT?
Did Camp Independence provide campers with an opportunity to be creative in arts and crafts?
Did Camp Independence provide campers with an opportunity to participate in physical education?
Do you think the volunteer staff, guest speakers, and other volunteers promoted respect and guidance to campers?
Do you feel that the camper is better equipped to deal with the necessary components of diabetes management?
FOR NEW STAFF WHO ATTENDED ORIENTATION, was the Monday PM or Saturday AM session useful?
FOR NEW STAFF WHO COULD NOT MAKE ORIENTATION, would the training have been useful?
Orientation for new staff and reorientation for veteran staff are essential for the conduct of Camp Independence. If you are not satisfied with the current orientations, please tell us what you would do differently:
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Did Camp Independence provide useful dietary information to campers and their families?
Will you volunteer for Camp independence next year?
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