Staff Lunch Request 2018-19
All lunches must be ordered by 9:30AM, and all sandwich and salad orders come with: chips, fresh fruit and milk for $3.50. See menu for other prices.
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Special of the Day for 9/12/18
Pizza by the Slice
Grilled Express
Grilled Express Full Meals will be served with fries unless otherwise noted.
Salad or Sandwich
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Choice 2 Salad or Sandwich: Select Dressings or Sandwich Condiments
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Mexican Veggies and Cheese Choices
Mexican Option Requests
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Extra cheese, bread, veggies, or fruit
Box Lunch includes a sandwich or salad, chips, fresh veggie, cookie and water or soda $6.50
Please list your choices below or see choices above for salad/sandwich options.
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