CLC Hot Spot Program through Sprint
CLC is pleased to be able to offer our members the most competitive pricing on hotspots. Please see our website: for more information about program specifics.
Library and Billing Information
Hotspots are billed on a monthly basis directly from Sprint. Billing is calculated at the number of Hotspots x $22.99.
Library Name *
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Library Tax ID Number *
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Account Administrator *
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Billing Address *
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Account Administrator Phone Number *
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Account Security
Please make sure you document your answers to these questions. You will need your answers to access your account.
What is your elementary school? *
This is Sprint's security question. If you try to access your account online or over the phone you will need the answer to this question.
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Pin Number *
Pin must be 6 numbers. If you try to access your account online or over the phone you will need your PIN number.
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Hotspot Information
How many hotspots would you like to order? *
Hotspots are billed at $22.99/month for each hotspot ordered.
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Custom Wifi Network Name *
Must be at least 8 characters. Sprint will customize the Wifi Network Name on each of your hotspots. We recommend that wifi network names correspond to your library name. Examples: Hartford Public Library, Hartford Library or HPLhotspot. Please note that if you are ordering more than one hotspot, Sprint will number your hotspots within the wifi network name (Hotspot1, Hotspot2, etc) to avoid confusion.
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Administrator Password *
Must be at least 6 characters. Can be any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you try to access device settings through a web browser to make changes to your hotspot device(s), you will need your administrator password. Keep this password private. Do not give this password to your library patrons.
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Hotspot Password *
Must be at least 8 characters. Can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols. This is the password that patrons will use to connect to the internet through the device. We suggest making it something easy to remember. Examples: Library1 or HartfordLibrary
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Custom Landing Page (optional)
When a user connects to the hotspot and opens a web browser, the hotspot can connect them to a default web page (i.e. your library's website). If you would like to take advantage of this feature, please provide the exact URL of the web page that you would like to appear as a default.
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Delivery Information
Deliver is free and most orders will ship within one day.
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Delivery Address *
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Order Confirmation
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