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Why are some covers not listed here?
Every cover that Eddie does as of March 29, 2018 will be transcribed before any of the requests here are tended to. Some older covers are left out depending on their viewcount.
Voted Transcriptions
(Oct. 25) This Game - No Game No Life OP [58 votes]
(Dec. 1) All of Me - John Legend [134 votes]
(Dec. 5) Demons - Imagine Dragons [132 votes]
(Dec. 5) Crossing Field - Sword Art Online OP1 [132 votes]
(Dec. 5) Radioactive - Imagine Dragons [121 votes]
(Dec. 5) Secret Base - Anohana ED [114 votes]
(Dec. 6) Ignite - Sword Art Online II OP1
(Dec. 6) Main Theme - Fairy Tail OST
(Dec. 6) Avicii - Hey Brother
(Dec. 6) Snow Fairy - Fairy Tail OP1
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