Artiszen Cultural Arts Center Rentals

Thank you for considering Artiszen Cultural Arts Center for you special event. Artiszen is a beautiful, hip space in Historic Downtown Vallejo. Our main goal is to provide a place where the community is welcomed to gather, create, perform, and enjoy ART! We take pride in embracing our Multi-Cultural city and welcome ALL into our doors equally. We would love to help you make your special event a one of a kind experience. Your guests will love the unique surroundings and elegant, warm feeling that the Artiszen has to offer.

We are happy to accommodate many different kinds of events including but not limited to:
• Art Shows/Exhibits
• Performance Events (Dance Groups, Singers, Comedy, Fashion, etc…)
• Private Parties (Wedding Receptions, Holiday Parties, Memorials, etc…)
• Meetings
• Fundraisers
Additional services available
• Event Planning
• Catering and Beverage Options
• Staff person to work behind the bar
• Entertainment/DJs
• Sound system and microphones
• Green Room/Dressing Area w/ Kitchenette


General Fees for Private Parties and Events
Full Day 8 hrs: $400.00
Down payment to hold the date: $50
Security Deposit (may be returned if no other charges are incurred) $50.00
Note: If event is 4 hours or longer, a full day rental is required. Gives plenty of set up and clean up time

Half Day 4 hrs: $200.00
Deposit: $50.00
Additional Hours: $50/hr
Note: This is good for an event that is no longer than 1 or 2 hours long. If your actual event is 3 hours, a 6 hour rental is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Event Insurance is required for ALL rentals Renter to Provide
( **This is great because it protects you, your guests, and includes Host Liquor Liability which protects you when serving liquor (even if you aren't serving liquor at your event this covers you if any of your guests sneak liquor into your event)

If selling alcohol:
One Day Liquor License for Public Events is required $129
Security Guards Renter to Provide from approved Security Co.

*Both Deposit and Security Deposit Due at signing. Remainder of Rental Fees and Associated fees MUST be paid 14 Days Before the Event or both Date and Security Deposit will be forfeited.

General Fees for Meetings and Non-Profits
$25 per hour

*Note to Renters: Artiszen's maximum capacity is 49 people which includes everyone in building including staff, performers, and guests. Please keep in mind that we are an Art Gallery and Cultural Arts Center first and a rental space second so we like to make sure it is clear that these rental fees are based on the gallery in “as is” condition meaning any couches, big chairs, tables, and existing art installations are part of the rental space and can not be removed unless you pay an extra fee to remove furniture and/or art which needs to be arranged ahead of time but it is still up to the discretion of our staff if removal of such items can be accommodated.

What the rental space does include is access to: 4 large tables (1 8ft, 2 6ft, 1 5x3', 2 small card tables, 40 chairs (combination of folding, banquet, and dining room type chairs), additional seating for 10 via couches and other furniture available , and one on-site manager present on day of event to make sure you have everything you need.

Set up, moving furniture, bringing devices for playing music, moving furniture back, and clean up for event is renters responsibility.

*Music must be stopped at 10:00 pm NO EXCEPTIONS. Renter and Guests to be off the property by 11:30 pm

Associated Fees:

Furniture Removal $100
Art Removal $15.00 per piece
Day Before Setup and/or Day After Break Down $25.00 per hour

Additional Services:

Bar and/or Door Staff $15.00 per hour
Dressing Room $50
Chair Rental $1.25 ea
Black chair covers (35 available) $15
Additional Long Tables (2 6ft, 1 5ft available) $10/each
Professional Speaker w/plug/aux in $20
Projector or Big Screen Monitor w/HDMI plug in $50
Old Fashioned Movie Screen $15

Let us make your event one to remember! Please fill out the form below so we can help you plan the perfect event.

Artiszen Cultural Arts Center
337 Georgia St.
Vallejo, CA 94590

If you would like more information or want to receive a paper copy of this rental form send an email to OR call Event Coordinator Dominique Gutierrez at (510) 377-4612

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